Do-It-Yourself Project Could Have Had Disastrous Results: Tecumseh Fire

Tecumseh fire is warning homeowners about do-it-yourself projects after an incident Tuesday could have caused a home explosion.

Emergency crews were called to a home on Michael Drive between Little River Blvd. and St. Thomas Street just before 8:30am on Tuesday for a call of a natural gas odour.

Tecumseh Fire Prevention Officer Bob Hamilton says the homeowner had a relative hook up the natural gas line to the BBQ.

But there was a leak into the home, which given the right levels, could have exploded.

"The potential was there and had they had some windows open and there was a mixture and somebody even turning on a light switch, it would have been enough if the natural gas is in the right percentage, volatile percentage there."

The homeowners woke up to smell natural gas and called Union Gas which then called Tecumseh Fire.

Hamilton says homeowners need to know when to call the professionals.

"The odd jobs there is not so bad," he says.  "But certainly when you get into major work like dealing with flammable gases and that, call the experts."

The four people inside the home were take to the hospital to be assessed.