Dog Kennel Policy In The Works For Amherstburg

An Amherstburg councillor is looking to get the ball rolling on a dog kennel policy in the town.

Jason Lavigne says the issue has come up a number of times in the past and the town doesn't currently have a defined set of rules as to what's permitted and what's not when it comes to dog kennels.

Most recently, Elite K9K on Concession 6 North has been causing concern for residents living nearby and Lavigne says it's time for some clarity.

"The residents had some concerns of operating that kind of business in their neighbourhood where they are living. It got a little heated at times between different parties on different sides of the issue and, basically, we had nothing to base our decision on. There's no actual bylaws in place for a council member to lean on."

He says Elite K9K and its neighbours need some closure.

"We don't have a very indepth policy or bylaw regarding anything with animals in the farm and rural areas whether it's kennels or the amount of dogs you own, anything in that aspect. As we saw a few weeks ago, we had an issue that's pretty contentious with a business owner and some residents."

Lavigne says a detailed bylaw will help avoid confusion.

"It's difficult to make decisions when you don't have bylaws in place. I just think it's prudent to put some sort of policy or bylaw in place for the future councils that come in so that they don't have the same sort of issues where neighbours are pitted against neighbours and businesses against neighbours and there's a structure in place so they can know where they're heading."

Town administration has been directed to put together a report on what other municipalities are doing with dog kennels including boarding, types of breeds and what activities are permitted in residential versus agricultural zones.

Council will discuss the matter at a future meeting.