Downtown BIA Members Rally For Change And Win

The results are in and the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association's Board will see almost a complete turnover.

Candidates received an email announcing the 2018 Election results Friday night and everyone is out with the exception of Marry Anne Ducharme of Pearce, Ducharme and Associates Family Law.

Incoming Bar and Nightclub Chair Bryan Datoc Tells AM800 News a united front came from a group of likeminded members who became disillusioned by a lack of transparency from the current leadership.

"A group of people with some creativity, some really good work ethic, got together, pounded the pavement," he says. "That was definitely the start of it. Seeing the business owners and their stories just kind of helped spark everything."

Datoc says previous voter turn outs usually averaged around 30-members; the 2018 Election drew more than 100-voters.

"Letting everyone know what's going on kind of got the group together as well," he says. "They want to be able to work with each other, just getting everyone to go out and vote shows everyone wanted this to happen."

After speaking with his new colleagues, Datoc says everyone is excited to build off the progress of the previous board.

"There's a lot of movement going downtown, so there is a bright future ahead and being able to maintain this momentum, being able to work with each other and kind of having that clear vision, transparency, collaboration, and good old work ethic as well," added Datoc, who owns Craftheads Brewery.

At the end of the day, Datoc says the outgoing board did some amazing things downtown, and he can't wait to see what a fresh set of eyes and ideas can do to make it even better.


2018 DWBIA Election Results

Bar and Night Club

Bryan Datoc

Commercial Property Owner

Geoff Zanetti


Brian Yeomans

Member at Large

Pat Papadeas

Professional Services (Legal and Financial)

Mary Anne Ducharme

Restaurant (Licenced)

David Prantera

Restaurant (Unlicensed)

Stephanie Clark


Liam O'Donnell