Downtown Kingsville High Rise Turned Down

A proposed high rise development has been shot down in the Town of Kingsville.

The nine to ten storey building, on land at the corner of Main St. E. and Jasperson Dr., would have included 95 residential units as well as ground floor retail space.

Mayor Nelson Santos says the main concern council heard from the public was the increased traffic additional residents and businesses would cause in the core.

Santos says many residents felt the building wasn't a good match for the neighbourhood either.

"The proposal is the largest building that would be provided in Kingsville," says Santos. "So that, itself, was one that was standing out as a major concern that it doesn't fit, it wasn't in keeping with the built up heritage and culture that the municipality has and its architecture. That was certainly one that was raised time and time again by the residents."

Santos says at certain points in the day, traffic is already busy in that area.

"We recognize there is concerns on certain hours of congestion of traffic in that area and adding a nine to ten storey building with 95 residential units and another floor of commercial would have some impact on a strained system as this point with so many egresses and exits from a short span of roadway," says Santos. "We don't have a significant number actually and no condominium developments. There is one getting ready to break ground. That'll be our first six storey condo off of Division Street North near Park Street closer to the waterfront. That would actually be our first condo unit coming into the municipality."

Santos adds, the developer expressed interest in downsizing the plan and bringing it back to council for discussion. 

If the building was approved as originally presented, it would have been the tallest in Kingsville.