Downtown Mission Highlights Need For Feminine Hygiene Products

The Downtown Mission is highlighting an often forgotten need for some of their clients.

Mission Health Care Navigator, Adrian Payne, is at the University of Windsor School of Social Work downtown, (Chatham and Ferry streets) where a unique exchange program is taking place until 4pm.


Baked goods to be exchanged for feminine hygiene products (by AM800's Peter Langille)

They're asking people to drop off feminine needs personal care items and in exchange they recieve baked good made by students.

Payne says it's great that people give money, food and clothes, but women have an additional need.

"The basic necessity that sometimes people don't think of and that's what I've noticed" says Payne, "So we're trying to create awareness of that so when people think what to donate at the Mission, donate tampons because it's a major need and it happens every month"

Payne says their goal is to create kits to be able to help homeless or vulnerable women in the Windsor area.

She hopes they'll receive an increase in donations of the feminine hygiene products as a result of this campaign.