Downtown Nightclub GM Says Metal Detectors Are A No Brainer

The general manager of a downtown Windsor nightclub is applauding the mayor's plan to adopt a zero tolerance for crime.

One of the elements of the plan released Monday by Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens is a by-law for entertainment lounges in the Downtown Entertainment District to provide mandatory metal detection as part of the business licence.

Remo Agostino of Imperial Nightclub on Ouellette Ave. fully supports it saying when the nightclub opened two years ago, he included metal detectors when patrons enter the club.

In today's society, he says, "safety is the most important thing."

"I have seen people turn around and walk away," he says. "But if you are not willing to go through a proper search to make sure everyone in the building is going to be safe, then quite frankly, we don't want you there."

Agostino says it makes sense to have metal detectors and calls it a 'no brainer.'

"If you go to any other major city, Toronto, Montreal, New York, LA.,you can't get into a hockey game, you can't get into a nightclub without going through a metal detection system."

Agostino says any cost incurred by an owner to install metal detectors is worth it to ensure everyone is safe.