Downtown Windsor Bakery Closes After Only 18 Months

Sunrise Bakery in downtown Windsor has shut its doors.

Owner Ali Bazzi says business was booming for the first couple of weeks after opening but took a dive and never rebounded.

He says customers were complaining about the lack of parking and foot traffic was never there for the bakery on University Avenue East.

Bazzi says closing after only 18 months is disappointing, as he signed a five year lease with the landlord.

"I spent a lot of money on renovations and improvements, I changed everything.  I made it beautiful from tiles to ceiling to drywall to electrical, to plumbing, put new sinks and all the stuff.  It was like you built it from scratch, I signed the lease for five years," says Bazzi.

The bakery was lured downtown by the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association and received a monthly subsidy from the BIA.

Bazzi says he is currently working on another project for the site.