Downtown Windsor Farmers Market To Stay Open For Three Additional Weeks

The Downtown Windsor Farmers Market will stay open for three more weeks.

The market usually shuts down for the season the Saturday of thanksgiving weekend but organizers have decided to keep it open and capitalize on fall foods and products.

Sarah Cipkar is Co-Chair of the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative.

She says it's been a busy market season with many vendors selling out every Saturday.

Cipkar says vendors were asked about staying open for three more weeks and 85% were in favour.

"The market is a great place to be on a Saturday morning and so they were happy to keep going for another couple of weeks," says Cipkar. 


Downtown Windsor Farmers Market, May 27, 2017 (Photo courtesy of CTV Windsor's Sacha Long)

Cipkar says about 20 vendors will continue to participate during the three week extension.

"I'm not expecting max capacity but definitely around the same," says Cipkar.  "Our general manager Steve Green is excellent at fitting all the vendors in and making it full and compact."    

The market opened on May 26th and is located Pelissier Street between Wyandotte and Park.

It's also on Maiden Lane.  

The last day for the market is now October 27th.