Downtown Windsor Nightclub Loses Liquor Licence for 18-Days

A downtown Windsor nightclub has had its liquor licence suspended for 18-days by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Blanche on Ouellette Ave. near Maiden Ln. started serving its suspension on Sunday June 9th.

According to the AGCO, the liquor licence was suspended due to three incidents dating back to December 2018.

The AGCO says on December 9th, the nightclub engaged in practices that encouraged immoderate consumption as well as guests were drinking liquor directly from bottles and pouring liquor into their mouths and the mouths of other customers.

On December 23rd, guests were consuming liquor directly from bottles.

Also on December 23rd, there were 116 people inside an area licenced for 100.

The suspension wraps up on June 27th at 2am.