Driver And Victim Likely Never Saw Each Other Prior To Impact: Trial Hears

A Windsor judge has heard from the final witness in the trial of an Amherstburg man charged in a fatal crash that took the life of a man skateboarding to work.

Brandin Crosier, 24, is charged with criminal negligence causing death after he struck 30-year-old Adam Pouget who was skateboarding on County Rd. 18.

The crown wrapped up its case Tuesday morning and the defence decided not to call any witnesses.

Closing arguments are set for Thursday.

The trial has heard Pouget was wearing dark clothing, it was a foggy morning in November 2016 and he was skateboarding 4.5 feet away from the shoulder of the road, near the middle of the westbound lane when the collision occurred.

Crosier was trying to pass another car, across a solid yellow line into the on-coming lane and data found he was going 112km/hour at impact.

Amherstburg Police Constable Steve Owen testified given the conditions, neither Crosier or Pouget likely 'never saw each other until there was no chance to take evasive action.'

Based on measurements taken at the scene of the crash, Owen testified Pouget's left leg was on the skateboard and he was pushing with this right leg.