Drivers Urged To Get Their Cars Ready For Summer Driving

Drivers are being told to make sure their car is ready for those long road trips as summer driving season is about to begin.

The reminder is coming from CAA South Central Ontario, which says it's just as important to make sure you car is ready for summer driving, as it is when you get it ready for winter conditions.

Spokesperson, Kaitlynn Furse says before you head out, make sure you check things like your tire pressure and the fluids in your vehicle. "We recommend bringing your car in to your maintenance facility and getting a thorough inspection to make sure it's in good working order and so you won't have any issues on the road," says Furse.

And if you're going on a road trip, drivers are reminded to plan their route, take breaks and never let your gas tank go below half-a-tank to ensure you're not put in a situation where you could run out of gas.

Furse says a lot of people put an effort into being ready for winter driving but they should do they same for summer driving. "There are more vehicles on the road in the summer months, you're driving more and so that is a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle," she says. "So making sure you have that pre-trip maintenance done makes it easier to make sure you have a successful road trip."

Last summer, CAA South Central Ontario provided help to over 80,000 drivers for car battery issues, 230,000 drivers required a roadside tow while over 100,000 needed help for issues like running out of gas or locking their keys in their car.