Drop Off Old Electronics For Earth Week

A technology expert is urging everyone to recycle their old electronics.

Tech expert Marc Saltzman is sending out that message as part of 'Earth Week.'

Saltzman told AM800's 'The Afternoon News' that old phones and computers still have plenty under the hood that can be salvaged. "About 80 to 90% of our consumer electronics have valuable material that can be repurposed."

Alloys such as gold, palladium, aluminium and silver are used in circuit boards and other elements.

"The value of recovering these items goes far beyond reusing it," says Saltzman. "Recycling 10 kg of aluminium from old tech requires 90% less energy than primary production than going back into the ground to grab it again. It's also obviously fewer carbon dioxide emissions as well. So it's good news all around."

Saltzman adds people hold onto tech for a variety of reasons including security reasons. But he says he says modern phones are encrypted and can be formatted before they're disposed of.

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