Drum Marathon Hits Right Beat


The 13th annual Drum Marathon hit the right beat.

The 24-hour drum marathon in May raised $54,000 which will be shared between six charities.

Jeff Burrows, drummer for the Canadian rock band Tea Party,  plays the drums to raise funds for the cause.

"I always set the bar very high. Last year, we blew out our previous year's record with $40,000. This year, I was shooting for $60,000  just because we have six different entities and charities but $54,000 we were pretty happy with."

He admits it's a tiring venture, but worth it.

"I came in this year really great because I had done 42 shows on the road, so physically I was in a good state of mind, mentally it is exhausting every year but it really helped being in incredible shape this year."

Several bands and artists rotate shifts to complete the marathon.

 In its first year, the event raised $6,000.

The six charities who shared in the proceeds are Harmony in Action, House of Sophrosyne, Maryvale, St. Clair College, In Honour of the Ones We Love and the Canadian Mental Health Association-local branch.