Duct Work At Adventure Bay Is Safe Says Official

Officials at Adventure Bay in downtown Windsor are assuring residents the air duct work is safe.

Portions of the duct work at Kalahari in Sandusky, Ohio fell from the ceiling and into the pool injuring five people Monday.

Adventure Bay Assistant Manager Michael Chantler says the work at the Windsor water park met all Ontario regulations during the design and install phase.

"Any contractor that does an install in that type of duct work would have to meet all of the Ontario regulations," he says.  "I can't speak to the regulations in the U.S and Ohio, but there are very very specific regulations in Ontario for this type of install."

Chantler says the work at Adventure Bay was be reviewed several times.

"It is going to be verified at the design stage, it is going to be verified at the install stage and of course there is a proper inspection that needs done and any point along the way,  with those checks, if something is not done properly or if the safety specs are not met, they would have to go back and more sure the corrections were made."

Part of the pool at Kalahari has re-opened.

Chantler points out Monday was a busy day at Adventure Bay with more than 1,000 people visiting the water park because of March Break.

Adventure Bay is open from 10am to 8pm this week until Sunday with a March Break special for a one-time fee for the week of $28/person for anyone over 42" and $19/person for anyone under 42".