Duncan Breathing Easier With Trump's Bridge Backing

A sigh of relief from the Chair of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority.

Dwight Duncan admits he is relieved to hear that U.S. President Donald Trump is on-board with the multi-billion dollar bridge project between Windsor and Detroit.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge was highlighted in a joint statement yesterday following the first official meeting between Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Dwight Duncan (AM800 file photo)

"Trump's unconventional and surprising behaviour so far in the White House created a bit of uncertainty for the future of the bridge," says Duncan. "Mr. Trump is a very different president, not something we've been used to. Until I heard it, the way I heard we heard it today, everybody felt a bit of uncertainty. Again, we have our presidential permit, our coast guard permit, as far as I'm concerned the involvement of the U.S. federal government is finished."

The statement said Trump is looking forward to the quote: "expeditious completion of the bridge."

It also affirmed the two countries' "profound shared economic interests."