DWBIA Facing Hefty Fee From City

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association says the City wants an excessive amount of money to file a freedom of information act. 

City hall has told the BIA it must pay nearly $14,000 if it wants additional information on the decision to get rid of retail space at the Pelissier St. parking garage. The BIA wants to see the records of city hall's communications that led to the decision to evict the parking garage’s tenants to add additional parking spaces.

DWBIA chairman Larry Horwitz does not understand the city's reasoning for the parking garage renovations. 

He says he has never heard of any organization charging that much money for a FOI.

"We are looking at moving forward. We are looking at different options," says Horwitz. "We can not believe the $14,000 number. I think it is unheard of. People again are coming forward offering money and their support and we are talking to the city about lowering it so there is a lot going on right now."

Horwitz is hoping the information he has requested will help persuade council to reverse its decision.

"What we are doing is we are going in the opposite direction," says Horwitz. "We have more than we need in parking in the downtown more than any other city in Ontario for that matter. So it is important that we have transparency in the city, its important that the city gives us the freedom of information for a cost that is not excessive."

Horwitz says the last FOI he filed cost $200. 

He says he is working with lawyers and the city to lower the cost.