DWBIA Putting the Bellmio Report on the Shelf

The latest version of the Bellmio report will sit on the shelf while the new Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association (DWBIA) sets its strategy.

The report was commissioned by the DWBIA back in November in response to a spike in violent crime.

Named after Peter Bellmio, the criminal justice management consultant hired to do the $10,000 report, it was launched under the previous chair and board and has now been completed and delivered to the organization.

"Right now we're in the process of getting our strategic plan quoted, because the last one hasn't been done since 2011.  So we want to make sure that moving forward we have a plan put in place for what we need to do," says DWBIA Chair Brian Yeomans. "We have received it, we are tabling it for the moment until we've had a chance to see where it fits in with our strategic plan and again it's more than just us that are dealing with the things that are on the Bellmio report. So it's bigger than us."

Yeomans says the board and administration has had a chance to review it.

"We haven't brought it up because we again are in the process right now of working on the request for proposal (RFP) for the strategic plan. We want to determine what our steps are moving forward over the next little while."

The DWBIA is accepting submissions on developing a strategic plan until May 10.

Yeomans hopes to have the strategic plan in place in the next couple of months.