DWBIA To Launch American Tourism Campaign

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is looking to attract more Americans to the region. 

The association is planning to launch a major advertising campaign across Michigan and Ohio.

The DWBIA says it has already invested $10,000 into the campaign and is looking to raise $100,000 from other BIA's across the region.

The chairman of the DWBIA Larry Horwitz says as the U.S. Dollar becomes stronger it is more likely that business will pick up in Windsor-Essex. 

He says the DWBIA will be working together with businesses and organizations from across the region to make the campaign successful. 

"We are hoping to increase pedestrian traffic and increase sales for all our merchants across Windsor and the county," says Horwitz. "So this is a really cool project because it is not only Windsor, it is not only the downtown BIA and all the BIA's, it is a regional concept that is taking hold and it is going to be pretty amazing."

He says the advertisements will cover all platforms. 

"We think that it is going to be a great time now to bring the Americans across and do cross-border advertising whether it is online, digital, whether it is billboards or print advertising, it is going to go all over Michigan and Ohio," says Horwitz.  

He says with the U.S. dollar being so strong, U.S. residents can get many Canadian products for a good price. 

"We have a lot of cool Canadian products," says Horwitz. "We have a lot of amazing Windsor concepts. We have great restaurants and I think this is going to be a chance for the Americans to rediscover Windsor and the region."

Horwitz says the advertising campaign will start as soon as it reaches its $100,000 fund raising goal.