East Windsor School Rallies Around SK Student Diagnosed With Cancer

An east Windsor elementary school is rallying around one of its senior kindergarten students diagnosed with cancer.

Kyle Ianni, a five-year-old student at Ecole Georges P. Vanier, was diagosed in October 2017 with a form of non-hodgkin lymphoma.

As a result, he has to travel to London, two to three times a week, because the treatment isn't available in Windsor.

The school is trying to help the family with the expenses and has organized a pasta fundraiser for later this month.

Co-organizer and secretary at the school Roch Ethier says it is a difficult time for the family.

"It affects people very much so, on an emotional level, but here is a little kid that is five-years-old that has a life-threatening disease," says Ethier.

He adds "He [Kyle] just thinks he is sick, how does a five-year-old process that, you don't have the life experience to understand and I don't know his level of understanding."

The fundraiser takes place March 23rd at the Windsor Serbian Centre.  

Ethier says the school is also looking for donations and sponors of the event to offset any costs and help raise more for the family.

Tickets are available by calling the school at 519-948-9481 ext 0.