Easter Egg Hunt Returns to Essex

An Easter tradition returns to Essex Saturday.

The 18th annual Community Easter Egg Hunt takes place at Essex Community Gospel Church at 335 Talbot St. S.

Pastor Brent Horner says the event was suppose to happen at Essex Public School but due to the weather it has shifted to the church.

He says a large turnout is expected.

"We normally get now between 2000 and 2500 people," says Horner.  "It's a great event.  We have all kinds of activities for the kids, gathering the Easter eggs, getting the chocolates, getting the prizes that are in some of the special Easter eggs that we have spread out."        

Horner says it's a fun family event.

"We have 25,000 plastic eggs that we spread out for the kids in their different age groups," says Horner.  "So small kids are with small kids, medium size kids with medium size kids and some of the older kids that are able to participate with their age groups, so it's very family friendly."     

He says the event continues to grow.

"We took it over from the town a bunch of years ago and I guess I can say we never really had any idea what we were taking over because it's just grown so much over the years," says Horner.       

Horner says, along with the Easter egg hunt, there will also be face painting, lots of chocolate and a visit from the Easter bunny.

The event begins at 11am and will go on rain or shine.