Easter Seals Telethon Goal Set at $115,000

It's time to donate to the Easter Seals Telethon.

The 37th annual fundraiser to support children and youth with physical disabilities takes place Sunday on CTV.

The goal is to raise $115,000 for Easter Seals Ontario.

In 2018, Easter Seals Ontario helped 786 families by providing funding for equipment such as wheelchairs, bath lifts and communications devices, totalling $1.35-million.

It also sent 753 kids to fully accessible camps.

Easter Seals Fundraising Specialist Rebecca Rivard says it is 37 years and going strong.

"It's nostalgic in a way, it is a tradition, it brings together groups and communities and businesses together and we are all working for one really great cause, and I think it is really just that special feeling, that everybody gets throughout the entire day but especially at the end."

She says families with a child with a physical disability need the support of the Easter Seals.

"The average cost to raise a child with a physical disability is $40,000 a year and the average income for a family with a child with a disability is $40,000."

Rivard adds every donation is appreciated.

"You get some people who they almost seem shy about their donation, like I'm sorry I can only do $10 and no, please don't be embarassed or shy about that, don't apologize, it all does come together and make a difference."

AM800's Kara Ro will be hosting the telethon from 10am to 4pm.

Last year, $176, 453 was raised.