Election Sign Confusion In Essex

There's some confusion over election signs in the town of Essex.

Phil Pocock, a candidate for deputy mayor, attended town council Tuesday looking for some clarification on what constitutes an election sign and whether it includes a billboard.

Town Clerk Robert Auger says billboards are included.

The issue arose because a bylaw in town restricts election signs before September 7 and some popped up in town before then.

Auger says several candidates have approached town hall looking for clarification.

"In my mind, the difference is that the election signs relate to the physical fixing of a sign and display throughout the community, if anything it is a subset of advertising. Based on the current wording of our bylaw, a billboard is a sign as defined under the bylaw and once that sign is used for election purposes, it is clearly an election sign."

He says candidates need to be aware of the restrictions.

"So far I have appreciated the fact that a lot of the candidates have come to us for clarification if they didn't understand the restrictions under the bylaw so I have been appreciative of that."

There is now a 45 day window before an election where an election sign can go up.

In recent history, it was 21 days.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi