Election Signs Stolen In Ward 8

A pair of Ward 8 candidates in Windsor have something in common; someone is stealing their election signs.

Greg LeMay and Lisa Valente noticed signs began to go missing last week. LeMay says he may have an idea who may have taken a couple of his signs, but Valente is completely in the dark.

LeMay says a friend captured who he believes is responsible on video, but he has yet to identify the culprit.

"Some are going to go missing, whether it's weather or whatever, but I did see a Snap Chat video posted online of a young male walking around with a sign," he says. "It was discovered near Pillette Rd and Seminole St."

He says he wants to talk to the young man. "He's not in trouble, I'm not mad, it's just a matter of reaching out to me then I can turn this into a positive," says LeMay.

Valente says she's not quite sure kids are responsible for her missing signs. She says whole clusters have gone missing blocks apart from each other.

"Usually kids will just kick the signs around and then leave it where it is, but whoever is taking the signs is physically taking all the signs. They're nowhere in sight," says Valente.

She says the thefts have cost her more than $200 so far and she's going door to door to see if resident have any security footage of the incident.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi