Elves Christmas Dinner Finds A New Home

A holiday dinner's search for a new home has come to an end.

The 17th annual Elves Christmas Dinner provides gifts and food for the homeless. Organizer Sabrina Dahl reached out to the community for help over the weekend after the venue they called home for three-years had to bow out — three-weeks before the big day.

Just a few days later, Dahl was overjoyed to find a message on Facebook from Windsor's Masonic Temple.

"I'm pretty sure they heard something through the media," she says. "The Masonic Temple jumped on it and they had a meeting tonight and it was apparently a unanimous decision."

An emotionally exhausted Dahl tells AM800 News it's hard to put her gratitude into words.

"I started to cry when he told me we had a place, I haven't slept in a couple of nights because I was that worried about it. We're thrilled, we're speechless really, to know that this is going to happen because so many people look forward to this," says Dahl. "It just reinforces for us that what we do is important and there are other people that feel the same way — that everybody matters."

Dahl says location was an important factor for the event, needing to keep things close to downtown Windsor. She says the Elves couldn't have asked for a better venue.

"It's huge; it's going to meet all our needs, nobody's going to be outside lining-up and waiting to get in the doors," she says. "We're just actually quite surprised to find someone so quickly."

The Christmas Elves Dinner will now be held on Christmas Day from 12pm to 3pm at the Windsor Masonic Temple on Ouellette Ave. and Erie St.