Emergency Preparedness Week Begins

It's Emergency Preparedness Week and all levels of government want to make sure Canadians know what to do when things go sideways.

Windsor Fire and Rescue, the city of Windsor and several other emergency responders are holding several events throughout the week.

Chief Fire Prevention Officer John Lee tells AM800 News a new Emergency-Preparedness Guide will make sure everyone knows how to be safe in any situation.

"How to compile a 72-hour kit and maintain it, different tips to keep safe from electricity, from flooding and all different types of events," says Lee.

He says safety education is a year-round exercise, but it doesn't mean a week of extra attention can't teach a skill that can save a life.

"We just want people in the community to be safe and know what to do in the event of an emergency and who to contact and what resources are available," says Lee.

He says emergency preparedness is a big team, and the week reminds residents they're a part of it.

"That's paramount, that's how we reduce the severity of incidents, by providing public education. All of our staff, not just in fire prevention, public education officer or emergency planning officer, but all of our staff," says Lee.

Education booths will be popping throughout the city until May 9.