Emotional 2018 for Street Help Homeless Centre

The administrator at Street Help Homeless Centre in Windsor says she had an emotional breakdown in 2018.

"2018 has been one of my emotionally roughest years, I've ever had to deal with what we're doing for our people here," says Christine Wilson-Furlonger.

She says the centre is seeing more people and some are living in shopping carts, are dealing with mental health issues and have turned to street drugs. 

"We're going through a minimum 200 to 300 people a day," adds Wilson-Furlonger. "To see so many young faces so hit by all the different tragedies in their lives, putting them in these predicaments, homeless and living out of shopping carts."

In August, Wilson-Furlonger said she was going to dismantle the homeless centre after complaints from nearby businesses about shopping carts being stored outside of the building on Wyandotte Street East.     

On the same day, a sudden death occurred where a body was found in an alley off Wyandotte near Parent Avenue.    

A week later, Wilson-Furlonger changed her tune, stating she needs help and never wants to see Street Help close.