Enable Haiti Founder Disheartened By Trump's Comment

A Windsor-led organization to help people in Haiti is feeling disheartened following alleged comments by U.S President Donald Trump.

Trump was heard using vulgar comments when describing Haiti and African nations during an Oval office meeting on immigration.

Trump seemed to refute his comment in a tweet Friday morning.

"Enable Haiti" is led by Ground Effects President Jim Scott to help the people of Haiti by providing donations of food and clothing as well as building wells and schools.

"We have the wild man president making crazy statements like that, I see now that he didn't make these statements, but it certainly sounds like he did," says Scott.  "But it does nothing to help countries like Haiti.  They are so impoverished and down on their luck and they have corrupt governments."

Scott says his group is trying to make a difference and this doesn't help.

"I guess my gut reaction was more the same from a crazy man," he says.  "We are trying to make a difference in Haiti. All our friends in the community are trying to make a difference and you read these crazy remarks from the leader of the United States, it is pretty disheartening."


Enable Haiti Founder Jim Scott in Haiti. Courtesy of www.enablehaiti.org

Scott was in Haiti in December and says 900 children depend on his group which is also building wells to supply 160,000 people with fresh water to drink.

Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010 and then was hit by Hurricane Matthew.

--With files from AM800's Peter Langille