Enwin Customers All Back Online After Wind Storm

Enwin is applauding its repair crews for dealing with the effects of the wind storm quickly.

Just after noon yesterday there were about 5500 customers without electricity, by early morning that was down to less than a dozen.

Enwin Spokesperson Barbara Pierce-Marshall told AM800 listeners on the Lynn martin Show, they had a lot of situations to deal with.

She says the few remaining customers without electricity are unique situations that will require repairs by an electrician.

Pierce-Marshall says the Enwin system allows them to dispatch crews quickly to the problem areas because the smart meters they've installed signal when and where power is being lost.

She says downed powerlines are a critical issue to deal with:  "trying to make sure the community is safe first and also starting repairs at the same time so it's a lot of hard work it's very intense and very quick.  We actually had the last outage restored by 1:30 AM"

Pierce-Marshall expects there will continue to be calls to Enwin today as people see damage to their electrical feed in the daylight.

She explains not every damaged stack or damaged connection will cause an outage, but will need to be repaired.