ENWIN Offers Incentive Program To Help Small Businesses Save Lighting Costs

ENWIN is offering a program to help local small businesses save some money.

The program offers up to $2,000 in incentives for businesses to install energy efficient lighting upgrades and fixtures.

Manager of Conservation Demand Management Services Chris Routliffe says it applies to businesses that have an average electricity demand of less than 100kw annually.

"We can come in and provide at no cost, no obligation, a lighting assessment and that assessment will provide the potential participate with a report outlining the energy savings," he says.

He says the program is focused primarily on small businesses.

"Your retail outlets, looking at small multi-residential buildings, perhaps some very light industrial clients but the main focus will be on the small retail sector."

Customers can call 1-833-725-7283 to schedule an appointment.

With files from Peter Langille