Enwin Warning Residents About Door To Door Scam

Enwin Utilities is warning customers of a water filter scam in Windsor.

Scammers are gaining access to homes by claiming to work for the utility.

Once inside, they perform a test that turns the water red and inform the customer the water is unsafe.

The imposters then attempt to sell homeowners filters.

Enwin's Barbara Peirce Marshall says the company simply will never sell anything to customers door to door.

"We do have contractors who work on our behalf and who have to knock on a customers door for various reasons having to do with electrical systems or water systems.  But usually, and we try very hard to make sure that customers are always notified in advance by phone or in writing, or sometimes both," says Pierce-Marshall.

She knows ID's can be easily reproduced, but says anyone representing the company would never prevent a customer from verifying who they are.

"If a customer feels uncomfortable, for example there's not an outage and they're asking for access to the property and the customer has any sense of discomfort at all, we would say, tell the person at the door, give me a few minutes, I just want to call Enwin and verify that you're here on behalf of the company," says Pierce-Marshall.

She says aggressive behaviour is another red flag -- an Enwin employee would never pressure a customer for access to their property.

"Anybody who gets very aggressive about wanting to come in to your house, especially if you are indicating concern and saying that you need to verify who they are. I would be leery of that person. Certainly our fellows are never aggressive," says Pierce-Marshall.

She says residents shouldn't hesitate to contact police if they feel unsafe.