EpiPens May Become More Available In Windsor

EpiPens may soon be at city owned facilities.

On Monday, Windsor city council will be asked to approve a one year pilot project calling on the city to supply EpiPens at Forest Glade Community Centre.

Ward 1 city councillor Fred Francis is on board with administration's report. He asked administration to look into the issue last year.

Francis feels it's time the city provides EpiPens at city owned facilities.

"Things are a lot different in 2017 then they were in 2007 or even 1997 so I just wanted to make sure that we are as prepared as possible for any situation," says Francis.     

He feels having the pilot project at the Forest Glade facility makes sense.

"It is a good facility that pretty much has a good cross section of programs and services and a lot of members from the community utilize the facility so administration is recommending that facility because it would provide good data and a good pilot project because it is well used and there's a lot of people from different age ranges that use it," says Francis.

The cost of the pilot project is just under $2500 while the EpiPens themselves have a shelf life of 18 months.

Last July, LaSalle council voted against placing EpiPens at town owned buildings. Council believed the financial risks and liabilities outweigh the possibility of needing them on site or being used by untrained staff.