UPDATED: EQAO Online Test System Crashes

A planned province-wide online literacy test for Grade 10s in Ontario has crashed.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office had significant technical issues with their system with thousands of students across the province began to log on.

Greater Essex County District School Board Superintendent for Secondary Schools, Vicki Houston says they are clearly disappointed about this.

Houston says they got an indication early on this was not going well, with the first phone call by 8 AM:  "I received a message from one of the principals with an early school start, saying none of the students were able to log in the proctors were not able to log in and that students had been staring at white screens for about 10 minutes"

She says this was not the only opportunity to take the literacy test, but the next time in March both online and poper test options will be available:

Houston says a lot of work has gone into getting ready for this test: "our principals and the staff in our schools and the students have been preparing since we returned to school on Labour Day.  To have students prepare to write the assessment today, we've done practice sessions with students in all of our schools for them to be prepared for the assessment today"

School boards were told to have everyone log off and re-try at 10AM, but that led to white screens again.

By noon EQAO announced the tests would be terminated.

All Grade 10 students must successfully complete the literacy test in order to graduate.