ERCA Flood Warning Continues

A flood warning issued by the Essex Region Conservation Authority continues.

ERCA says flooding is occurring along Marentette Beach Road in Leamington and high water in Lake Erie brought levels up in the Marentette Canal flooding roadways so it's asking people to avoid that area.

The lower portions of the Marentette Beach Road dike sustained damage from storms in April so the interior corner of Marentette dike is more exposed to direct wave impact from Lake Erie and there's a risk of erosion and further flooding.

The town is working to assess damage and take action.

The Windsor Fire Department is cautioning residents to remain vigilant near the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair as heavy rains and high water levels have already caused localized flooding, and with more rain in the forecast next week, waterways are much deeper and moving more swiftly than normal.

City officials continue to monitor levels, especially along the northeast side of the city from the Tecumseh border west to Goose Bay Park.

Lower lying properties on the north side of Riverside Drive are at the most risk from rising river and lake flooding.

The flood warning is now in effect until 12pm on Monday.