ERCA Takes Flooding Issues To Queens Park

The Essex Region Conservation Authority is pushing for a solution to combat flooding.

ERCA, along with authorities across Ontario, are calling for government support to deal with the fallout from climate change including the type of flooding seen in Windsor-Essex last September.

More than 3,000 homes in Windsor-Essex suffered damage from a heavy downpour.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the claims in Windsor, Lakeshore and Tecumseh amounted to about $108-million in damages.

Authority Vice Chair, Irek Kusmierczyk, says more collaboration is needed because every region is dealing with climate change in some way. "Some of the communities are dealing with flooding, like we did, while other communities are dealing with drought. So really the importance was to just impart to the provincial government and to the cabinet ministers that we really need their support. We need their support in order to put together a climate adaptation strategy."

"We do need financial support to be able to really address the challenge of climate change," says Kusmierczyk. "It's a challenge that's all too real, not just in our community with the flooding that we have seen, but it's a challenge that is real across the province."

He says one joint strategy is needed to battle climate change. "Rather than having 36 separate strategies across the various regions across the province, it's really important for the conservation authorities to work together. We really need to work together across all levels of government to mitigate climate change across the province."