Essex Council Says No To Fluoride

Essex town council is saying "no" to fluoride.

In a unanimous vote Tuesday night, council rejected a proposal to add fluoride to the drinking water.

Councillor Sherry Bondy raised the issue and is pleased to get council's full support.

She posed the question because she wanted to hear from her council colleagues before deciding next steps.

"Before we waste anybody's time, before we waste administration's time, the health unit's time, delegations time, let's just have the conversation and see where everyone stands and we sent that message," says Bondy.  "So now the file, in my opinion, the files closed, packed up the books and move on to the next issue."

Essex gets its water from the Town of Amherstburg and Union Water Supply System.

"All opposed to having fluoridation in Essex water," says Bondy.  "So we're sending letters out to our suppliers, Amherstburg, Union Water and, of course, we have our own systems so that means council unanimously does not want fluoride in the Town of Essex."