Essex Council Votes Against Name Change For A Colchester Park

Essex town council has decided against a name change for a Colchester Park.

Back in February, councillor Ron Rogers asked council to consider changing the name of Colchester Park to Elijah McCoy Park.

At that time, council asked for more information and wanted public feedback.

Councillor Ron Rogers says despite public suggestions council decided to stick with the current name.

"I was certainly looking for the naming of the park to be Elijah McCoy in recognition of a young man that came from Colchester, an inventor and a name that has a lot of recognition," says Rogers.   

He says McCoy's name would have brought a lot of recognition to the area, saying "I am disappointed however bringing it up has brought a lot of attention to the black history in our area as well as a lot of conversation."

McCoy is a well-known black inventor who lived in Colchester in the 1800's.

Some public suggestions included Hackett's Park, Jackson Colchester Park, Lankin Park and Colchester Frontier Park.

The park is located near Colchester Harbour.