Essex Councillor Calling For By-election

At least one Essex town councillor is calling for a by-election to fill the vacant Ward 3 seat. Sherry Bondy feels the decision should be made by the ward residents.

She is against leaving the seat vacant or allowing council to appoint an individual. Bondy says she has heard from residents.

"So far I'm hearing that we really need to have a by-election," says Bondy. "Leaving the seat vacant is not an option because the vacancy would be over 90 days so I'm hearing people want to pick."

Bondy says she does not want council to make an appointment.

"The third person down in that ward who would be the next in line isn't available to serve because he no longer lives in our municipality.  So that would mean we would have to go to the fourth person and I'm not comfortable going that far down.  So I'm saying let's make the people, let's give the power back to the people."

She guesses it would cost $20,000 to $30,000 to hold a by-election saying there's money in a 2017 contingency fund.  

Council will decided what to do with the vacant seat on Monday.

Two weeks ago, Bill Caixeiro announced his resignation due to personal reasons. 

If council decides to hold a by-election, there will be a 60 day nomination period, then 45 days from the nomination deadline for election day.