Essex Councillor Campaigning Without Lawn Signs

A member of Essex town council is running his re-election campaign without a single lawn sign.

And Randy Voakes wants other candidates to follow suit.

He plans to campaign exclusively in the traditional media and on social media.

"I've opted to run a sign-free campaign. And I want it to be known, in terms of signs, I have numerous signs at my disposal.  So it has nothing to do with any consideration of I gotta buy signs, I gotta get signs, says Voakes."

He refers to lawn signs as "political trash" saying they often fall into disrepair and end-up cluttering neighbourhoods.

"In terms of maintaining signs where they get vandalized, they get broken off, the wind blows them around," says Voakes. Politicians don't follow up and take care of 'em."

He says a key reason he's doing this is to avoid pushing people to put a sign on their lawn.

Voakes admits he will have an easier time campaigning without signs because he's an incumbent with name recognition.

He says new candidates will simply have to do what he has done in the past, work hard going door-to-door.

There are four other candidates seeking the two seats for Ward One; Joe Garon, Tom Holland, Fred Groves and Morley Bowman.