Essex Councillor Disappointed With Boycott Campaign Against His Wife's Clothing Stores

It's getting personal in the Town of Essex.

Ward one councillor Steve Bjorkman says there are posts on social media calling for the community to boycott his wife's two clothing stores in Essex Centre.

Bjorkman says he was made aware of the posts recently and feels it has to do with everything that's going on at council and the way he has voted on some issues.


Photo courtesy of Essex Centre BIA

He says he wants the call to boycott his wife's stores to stop.

"I certainly did not expect that what I would do at council would affect anything with my wife's business or really our personal life," says Bjorkman.  "I was not very well educated in the political system so there's been a lot of things my eyes have been open to."    

This is Bjorkman's first term on council.

His wife owns and operates Just Plus Fashion and Golden Girls Fashions.