Essex Councillor Worried About Lake Erie

An Essex Councillor is calling on all levels of government to help protect Lake Erie.

Sherry Bondy says with U.S. President Donald Trump's funding cut for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, governments on this side of the border, including municipal governments, need to push back. "I absolutely believe that municipal governments are the first line of defence when it comes to issues that impact our residents. So if we do not do anything I think that's shameful on us. We have to start from the bottom of the pyramid, and start screaming and shouting, and saying this is not acceptable."

Bondy says Essex relies on Lake Erie for its economy, water and tourism and, under Trump's budget cuts, improvements can't be allowed to reverse.

Bondy will present her Lake Erie motion at Essex Council tonight.

She also plans to reach out to the County of Essex and surrounding municipalities for support.