Essex County Municipalities Receive More Than $4-million In Infrastructure Funding

Several Essex County municipalities are sharing in some extra infrastructure funding.

Through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund, local municipalities are receiving in total more than $4.1-million.

The money is for municipalities under 100,000 in population and will be used to improve roads, bridges and water systems.

Of the seven Essex County municipalities, Amherstburg is getting the most at $806,000.

"We are extremely happy and we are also slated to see it go up in 2018 and 2019 so it is really good news for the town of Amherstburg,' says town CAO John Miceli

"They also recognize that Amherstburg has the largest amount per capita of infrastructure to maintain in the region so relative to our other municipalities in the region, Amherstburg has got some major investments in infrastructure."

The money will be used for the bridge over the 2nd Concession, north of River Canard as well as a bridge on the 6th Concession.  The remainder of the funding will be used to resurface Pickering Rd.

The funding was part of a $60-million investment by the province for 55 communities.

  • Essex receives $400,000
  • Kingsville receives $440,000
  • LaSalle receives $330,000
  • Leamington receives $649,000
  • Lakeshore receives $629,000
  • Pelee Island receives $50,000
  • Tecumseh receives $494,000
  • Essex County receives $375,000