Essex County Trucker First to Test Positive for Cannabis


The first driver nabbed by the OPP and charged with being impaired by cannabis is from right here in Essex County.

On August 19th and 20th, the local OPP's Traffic Management Unit took part in a joint traffic initiative with the Ministry of Transportation on Highway 3 and the 401.

Officers are looking for the usual bad behaviour such as speeding, seatbelt infractions, distracted driving and impaired driving.

About 500 vehicles were checked which resulted in 11 trucks being placed out of service and 22 charges laid.

The OPP also conducted three drug tests with one test coming back positive for cannabis.

Officers are now equipped with a DRAGER Drug Test 5000 which helps to detect cannabis or cocaine in saliva through a swab from the inside of a driver's mouth.

This was the first positive test since the instruments were introduced earlier this year.  

The truck driver's license has been suspended for three days.