Essex Dog Tethering ByLaw Amendment Not Enough According to Councillor

Essex Town Councillor Sherry Bondy is looking to put some teeth in a dog tethering bylaw.

Council revisited its policy on tying up dogs Tuesday night.

The bylaw only allowed enforcement officers to intervene in a situation where a dog was left in the elements after 12 hours.

Bondy says, it's not possible for town inspectors to monitor the situation for that long -- a report brought before council asked for a 4 hour window.

"Somebody that's watching the dogs is putting in a 12 hour shift," says Bondy. "So, if you bring it down even to 8 [hours] and I was hoping for 4, the by-law now has teeth in it and it becomes enforceable."

Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche opposed the four hour limit. He says some of the more rural areas use dogs to protect farm livestock and if dog's are provided with adequate shelter, food and water, they shouldn't have a problem being outside for 12 hours.

A compromise of 10 hours was reached -- But it's still too long according to Bondy.

"The dogs took a loss today, not so much us, I feel bad for the dogs we can't help that are being tied up for 10 plus hours a day."

Bondy says Essex is still a leader in the area of animal care - and she plans to keep pushing for further revisions to the by-law.