Essex Looking to Pull Further Ahead of Petrolia

The Provincial Junior Hockey League playoffs continue Tuesday night with Petrolia in Essex to play the 73's.

The 73's lead the opening round series 2-0 after 7-2 and 5-1 victories.

Essex head coach Gil Langlois says he's not crazy about the schedule in the series.

"Unfortunately we couldn't get ice. Nobody likes to have a schedule so back end loaded like we do, us or Petrolia for that matter, but it is what it is at this point. Both teams have to play the same games."

He says his team will be looking to keep things clean.

"We currently already have a player that's suspended from the first game. So we definitely do not want to get involved in that kind of game because, to be honest, we're really not built for it either. We're a speed team. We're a little bit more of a finesse team."

Langlois says he feels both his goalies, Jax D'Hondt and Connor Meyerink, are number one's.

"If one ends up separating himself from the other then that'll make our decision or if somebody gets on a hot run, but right now we basically have a number one goalie and a number one-A goalie. So they're both equal, they're both playing really well for us right now and the best part about it is the players believe in both guys."

The 73's and Flyers face off Tuesday night in Essex at 7pm.

Wednesday's games include Lakeshore playing the Sharks in Wheatley and the Admirals in Mooretown.

The Canadiens hold a 3-0 series lead, while Amherstburg is up 2-1 on the Flags.