Essex MP Rips Federal Budget

"Canadians got the short end of the stick".

That's how Essex MP Tracey Ramsey is describing the 2017 federal budget.

Ramsey says seniors, veterans and small businesses, among other things, were forgotten by the Liberal government. "Unfortunately, there's so much that's missing from this budget and serious opportunities that would have made an impact in everyday people's lives in our region and across the country. There's absolutely nothing for seniors. There's nothing to address the drug costs that people are really suffering."

"Very little was accomplished," says Ramsey. "The small business tax cut, I was looking for that immediately. Basically everyone who could have been helped in this budget was overlooked and for us that's serious and we really need to push on the government."

Ramsey says it's unfortunate, but many Canadians are in for the same hardships they've been facing for the past year.