Essex Powerlines Says Rate Increase Won't Cost Customers

A 90-cent distribution rate increase for customers of Essex Powerlines won't have an effect on resident's bottom line.

That's according to General Manager Joe Barile — he was on hand for a public information session to outline the company's application to the Ontario Energy Board in Essex Thursday night.

"This is early on in the process of the application, overall on our portion of the bill we are requesting a slight increase in rates," he says.

He says an increase in one area won't automatically raise the overall price.

If everything goes as planned customers will actually see savings, according to Barile.

"Subject to the OEB reviewing our evidence on a typical residential bill they can expect the total bill decrease of approximately 51-cents per month," he says.

Pending approval from the Ontario Energy Board, he says that little bit extra on delivery rates will go towards developing infrastructure.

"Re-investment in our infrastructure strategy that renews our assets before they fail," says Barile. "As I mentioned tonight it's better to be proactive than reactive, especially from a customer perspective dealing with an unexpected outage."

The application could affect customers as early as May 1.