Essex Powerlines Updating Municipal Shareholders

Essex Powerlines is out with its annual update to its four shareholder municipalities.

Tonight, General Manager Joe Barile will speak to Amherstburg council about the year's activity and plans for the future for the utility.

Barile says the meeting with the shareholder municipalities follows a consistent pattern.

"I give them a general update in terms of our operations and this year we'll highlight our cost of service rate applications which set customer rates for the next five years," says Barile.

He says the utility's donation to the youth is always a high point.

"That is where we give $10,000 on an annual basis to each of our four municipalities to invest in youth activities," says Barile.

He says the youth funding does not come with strings attached.

"We allow the municipalities determine how they're going to use the funds." says Barile. "Each of them uses it somewhat differently, but always geared towards the youth in their community."

Barile points out the utility has now given back $200,000 to the youth in the four municipalities of Amherstburg, LaSalle, Tecumseh and Leamington.

- with files from AM800's Rob Hindi