Essex Resident Pushes For Changes To Town's Procurement Policy

An Essex resident is looking for some answers after the town awarded a road reconstruction project to an out-of-town contractor.

Dave Cassidy, who is also the president of Unifor local 444, wants to know why the town's bidding process tends to leave out local bidders.

He understands under the municipal act a town can not just consider local companies,  but he says the town's specifications for projects is so stringent that it means local contractors can't bid on the work in the first place.

Cassidy says he has done his homework and contacted local businesses.

"Contacted three local businesses as to why they didn't bid on the project and it is because the specs that are in the project doesn't allow them to do the entire project," he says. "They would have to outsource some of the others so it doesn't sit right with me."

He says local contractors, mean local workers.

"One needs to question why our local businesses wouldn't be bidding on it, because they can't bid on it to tell you the truth."

Cassidy is making a presentation before Essex town council on its procurement policy Tuesday, August 7.