Essex Seeking Public Input on Colchester Centre Re-Zoning

The next phase of a proposed transformation in Colchester Centre is underway.

Essex Mayor Larry Snively brought the idea of rezoning the hamlet to allow for commercial use and administration has come back with a plan.

A section of County Rd. 50 between Dunn Rd. and Jackson St. is currently zoned for residential use, but it's an ideal area to serve a growing tourism market in the region.

Council unanimously agreed it would be a smart move with a thriving new park near Colchester's beaches and harbour earlier this month, now it's the publics turn to chime in on the move.

Snively tells AM800 News he's excited to see what residents think.

"If you look at Colchester in the summer, it's growing every day, every day there are more and more people coming into that village," he says. "We have the wineries there, this all ties in; it will all tie in to tourism."

He brought the idea up on the campaign trail last fall and received positive feedback - now that they've identified what might work - he's curious to see what people think.

"I brought that issue forward to a lot of residents and they were all in favour of it, they thought that was a great thing for the centre of Colchester," added Snively.

Snively is glad council saw the need to move the project along before the summer months hit.

"This is something I think should be sped up and I think it's going to go, I really do, I think the public will support it 100%."

The report outlines challenges with parking that will need to be addressed, but shows the area could thrive the summer months.

A date has yet to be set, but a public meeting will be held in the hamlet in the coming weeks.