Essex To Address Parking Issues Around Colchester Harbour

The town of Essex is addressing parking issues around Colchester Harbour.

More and more people are going to Colchester Park since the installation of a new playground and splash pad, according to councillor Sherry Bondy.

Council recently approved a motion introduced by Bondy, calling for a greater police presence around the park, improved signage and that more parking tickets be issued to those parking illegally.

Bondy says she's been inundated with calls about the parking issues...

"We do have extra parking facilities. You have to walk half-a-block, so look for that, look for the signage, so be courteous. Please don't litter and please don't block any neighbours,"

Along with asking for an increased police presence, town administration has also been directed to improve the signs in and around the park, indicating where people can and can not park.


— with files from AM800's Zander Broeckel